Help I need some opinions I what my girlfriend did recently, like should I be embarrassed or just embrace it?

I was sitting on the counter in the kitchen and my gf came up and stood in front of me to talk to me so I wrapped my legs around her and said she was trapped. Then she all of a sudden just picks me up off the counter and asked "who's trapped now?" And proceeded to just walk around with me wrapped around her like a baby for like 10
minutes. It was kinda emasculating, but kinda turned me on all at the same time. What does everyone think about this? She's 5'10 140 and I'm 6'0" 180 by the way

  • Kinda hot, I'd let it happen
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  • Too emasculating
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  • I've done something similar.
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  • HAHA OMG that is hilarious,
    Dude if you are ok with it go with it.


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  • Stop over thinking. It just happened, you are in a relationship and it all OK. Don't worry about it.

  • don't be embarrassed! awe


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