How did you and your current significant other meet?

How did you and your current significant or person you're currently dating meet? If you aren't with someone right now, how did you meet your past SO or date? If you've never had one, why do you think that is?

My wife died three years ago, but I'll tell you how we met. I was working as a student teacher, very close to ending my internship, when I passed by the music room and heard someone playing Beethoven on the piano. I knew the previous music teacher was out on maternity leave. I popped in to see who could be playing Beethoven so well. Her back was turned to me, but whoever she was she had a nice figure and shoulder length dark hair (which I like very much). She played so beautifully and I liked the way her body rocked and swayed as she played. When she finished, I clapped. She turned around and was as red as a stop sign. She later told me she thought she had locked the door but was glad she didn't. She was a bit upset at being disturbed, but she didn't know many men who could identify Beethoven (or Bach or Chopin) by ear and that kind of helped. We got to talking about classical piano music. We had lunch together a few times, mostly with other teachers, but even then she and I talked kind of separate from the group. My friend encouraged me to ask her out when I left to teach at another school. I asked her out for ice cream (I despise coffee) and the rest is history.

Side note: I met the woman I dated before my wife by being set up by a mutual friend. First date was at Disneyland. Cute, but damn expensive.


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  • Well I'm not seeing anybody special right now but I'll tell you how I meat the love of my life.
    A friend of mine asked me to fill in for him in one of his salsa dance classes and the moment I walked in I saw this beautiful girl and looked at my friends wife who was assisting me with the class. She the owner of the dance school. Anyway she could tell immediately that I like the girl and after class I saw her peaking into the dance studio while I was training with my dance partner. The next time I saw her at a party I invited her to dance and even after all the years all the women I've danced with she was the only one that made me feel like this. We started talking and I gave her my number and started texting and one evening went for a drink and she said "you didn't get to go dancing because of me" and I told her "I'm exactly where I want to be and besides I have you to dance with" and we went back to the dance studio and danced for hours and that's when our first kiss happened. Literally love on the dance floor because we both fell in love with each other but there was a hitch she had a boyfriend and she couldn't make up her mind because she was afraid. It was the most beautiful time in my life but because we meat and were together under the wrong circumstances we lost each other and now don't even talk anymore or even look at each other when we run into each other. No matter how much I try to forget her or move on I can't unfortunately I don't know how she feels so I guess that's how it's supposed to be. But I miss her and I keep remembering every time I hear one of our songs or if I remember how it was to dance with her and be with her. We were crazy because we used to dance all night and then just drive around and sleep in the back seat of my car or drive down to the coast and kiss by the shore.
    Hope I find someone else that makes me feel this way again.


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  • I have shared this story on here before. It's a little long winded, but if you can get through it I promise you won't be disappointed.

    I met my fiance about 9 years ago. He is originally from Belgrade, Serbia, and I met him one summer while he was in Canada visiting some family he had here. We were outside on a downtown street corner, and he was lost and just happened to ask me for directions to someplace. I agreed to walk him there since it was only a couple of city blocks away. I was 15 at the time (he was 16) and so that was a pretty bold move for me. We ended up spending the whole day together, and the next day as well. Before he left, he gave me his email and a mailing address. So we kept in contact for the next few years, while he was back in Europe and I was here in Canada. Facebook really helped us out as well, hahaha. He eventually moved back here to attend university, he deliberately chose the same school as me and enrolled as a foreign student, and he finished up his degree there. I was happy to learn that he was also pursuing a music degree (just like me), and I heard him play some wonderful piano for the first time in one of the music studios there. We became much closer after he moved here, and he kissed me out of the blue one day while we were watching a movie. My very first kiss at the age of 21 :). That was 3 years ago, and of course we are still together.

    • (applause)

      You know the song What the World Needs Now Is Love? Those lyrics "What the world needs now is love sweet love?" IT'S TOTALLY WRONG! I think the song should be "What the world needs now is pianos sweet pianos!"

      I'm telling you, it's how I met my wife! It's how my dad met my mom! On the occasions I play piano at my friend's parents women flock around me. It's how you kind of bonded with yours. I'm telling you, THE WORLD NEEDS MORE PIANOS!

    • Well played. Well done.

    • lol, "well played". Yeah, I'll say so :)

      @Asker: You're right! It's neat how you met your wife because of a piano and that your parents also met that way. It's like a family tradition! I did not meet my fiance over a piano obviously, but it was pretty nice to discover that he plays it quite well.

  • I met my boyfriend on tinder. I had went to a rave and met a cute couple and add them on facebook. I had already been talking to my boyfriend (had never met in person) on tinder and was telling how I was going to a house party that night. He said that he had wanted to go and that's when I noticed he had a mutual friend (the app tells you if you have mutual friends). That mutual friend hat I met at the rave was the one throwing the party. I had him pick me up and take me, we've been hanging out ever since. It's by total coincidence that were able to meet up in person and I needed a ride to a party :P

    Oh yeah, I was totally new to the state when this happened and knew like only three people ^^ Sorry if this isn't totally romantic!

    • I know this is going to date me as a hopelessly tech un-savvy person, but what is Tinder?

    • It's like an cell phone app that lets you meet people in your area. Most people use it as a way to hook up. I used it to meet people in my new town :D

  • I met my current SO in church actually. We met when we were 4 or 5 and we completely hated each other (actually I hated him, and he teased me cause he liked me he told me later on). Anyway, we both grew up in church even though we don't really show that we're 'church kids' (and let me tell you that saying "preacher kids are the worst" its kinda true I'm a preacher's kid actually) but he was always there for me when we were friends (yes I friend zoned him and brother zoned even) I know right. It was weird at first but this November we will have been together for 2 years :) Sorry about the loss of your wife by the way, losing a loved one is always difficult.

    • Cute. I've heard of the friend zone (which some people seem to be going to great lengths to demonstrate doesn't exist), but never heard "brother zoned" before. Funny.

    • Lol yeah its something that I'm not particularly happy about

  • I was on vacation in Tenneessee. I met him through a new friend that I met while I was on vacation.

  • Aww, that story is so cute =) I've never dated anyone I liked, and it never lasted longer than a month, so I don't have my own story, but I just had to let you know that I loved yours.

    • Yep. By the way, my father met my mother while he was playing the piano. Do you mind if I ask if you dated people you didn't like? Also, why red fish?

    • Aw, that makes it even cuter! Short answer first: le poisson rouge is just how the French say "the goldfish." I chose the name because I like goldfish. Longer answer: I'm desperate and take anyone who expresses interest in me. I go through a short honeymoon phase and then realize I really don't like them at all and end it. I guess you could say I liked them for a bit, but it wasn't by much =/

    • Hmm. I didn't know the French say poisson rouge for goldfish. I thought they might have said poisson d'or. I like goldfish, too... the crackers. I like to eat them.

      What the world needs is more pianos, I'm telling ya!

  • We aren't together anymore but my ex and I met on a site called Plenty of Fish.

    • What is Plenty of Fish? It sounds like an internet dating site.

  • I met my boyfriend in the third grade when he asked me something like "how do you spell..." because in the third grade I was a spelling genius๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ
    but we've been best friends since & we're 16 almost 17๐Ÿ˜„

  • Pretty common and simple I met him in my neighrborhood

    • Well, could you expand on that? I doubt you were just walking down the street and flew into each other's arms.

    • Not , he's live in my neighborhood we first see each other to many times then we star talking become friends and other girls like we started to have weird feeling connection and one day he told me he likes me and kiss me tha how we star for 3 month till I move out dar from there Lol

  • I was born with my left hand.

    • You are young, anon. I hope that you have a story to tell in the not-too-distant future. By the way, I give you props for humor, my dear.

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  • It was pretty simple for me actually.

    We first met on the roof of my old school way back when
    at the age of 14, although she were 13 then. It was raining, and a girl came to me with
    an umbrella, since I was standing drenched.

    First words I ever heard her
    say was a mixed concerned
    and sarcastic, "you'll get sick".. ^.~

  • "My wife died three years ago," I'm sorry to hear that. :(

    As for me and my partner, well we attended the same university, and we were both first year students on the same course, so basically we had the exact same classes just in different groups. I met her through a friend of mine (whom I met because we were both late from a specific class in the morning and ended up chatting at some point, haha), he said he knows a girl who needs help with "Digital Design" because she doesn't really understand how exactly it works yet, so I ended up meeting her and helping her out with that and taught her how it works. Afterwards, we chatted every now and then, ended up being friends and took up every classes in such a way that it would be at the exact same time in the same group, and attended classes together pretty much every single time.
    After a year of having every class together, I made my "move" by confessing. It was kind of funny, because I took off my backpack which I never really do and she thought "oh my something is about to happen" and I kissed her and confessed, and well she agreed to be my girlfriend, and I was happy about it, and so was she, and that was 2.5 years ago.

    It was actually surprisingly optimal in terms of how it worked out.

    • Surprisingly optimal indeed. Most people I know who made some kind of dramatic confession didn't have it work out. Did you think she was going to reciprocate?

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    • So yeah, I thought she would reciprocate, yes - and I was right :D

    • Actually afterwards she told me at some point after asking, that she was always interested but never would have thought it was reciprocated or even if she did think so she would not believe it, so it all worked out fine with me making a step in the mutually beneficial direction.

  • I met her at the gym. We are both martial artists (she's jujitsu, I'm MMA) and I met her at one of the studios I train at. I helped her train for her first competition which she won. After that we have been together ever since.

    • I have a theory that people who dance well together tend to have better sex. Is this true for martial artists?

    • We are both kind of thrill seekers and sexually are perfect for each other. I don't know if martial arts has anything to do with it. But since both of our stamina is really high, we tend to go for hours. I wouldn't trade her for anyone.

    • May you be the yin to her yang for many years, cagefighter.

  • There was this girl I knew she was one of my friends & I hanged out with her boyfriend allot, he was saying bad things about her behind her back. Eventually I told her about it and I was there to make her feel better after she dumped him. We became best friends and got to know eachother, then we started dating and have been in a relationship ever since.

  • My new SO is a Cold Steel Trail Hawk. We met on Amazon. ca. I love her and she loves me.

    • Ha! Do you like camping? I do. By the way, I confess I love my car. Hope it works out for you.

    • Only if it's hardcore! Ya I loved my old car more but this one is growing on me :)