Does " she's too pretty for me" or "he's too hot for me" sound messed up?

I hope I don't sound too shallow but I seem to be noticing this particular bizarre conundrum in popular culture and even society. I mean even in the 90s you had guys lusting after Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra and girls liked Brad Pitt and Jason Priestly. It was normal and they grew out of it and realized that it's more than looks and charm. But in recent years, particularly men have taken it to a whole new bizarre level. I'm from Canada and there was a hit song here by a band called State of Shock named "Too Pretty". I mean, what the hell, you're breaking up with her because of that? I mean I read that part of "The System" that Askmen. com published entailed that when you're on the first date with her that you should "... act like she's ugly". I mean I've gone out with a girl who approached me first but I wasn't physically attracted to. I was a jerk for doing it and I learned my lesson, but this kind of d***f***ery takes the cake for me. Look at a movie like "She's Out of My League" that tries to expose this wacked kind of idea. The point I'm trying to make is, how do you know really know that this person is "too good" for you, when you could be missing out on at least being friends with a really great person. It's really discouraging and going to another extreme in my view.


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  • I agree with you. What does that even mean? Lol Just stereotypes I guess...

    Guys have told me that a guy would have to be an asshole to come up and talk to me. I ask why? They say " because you're too pretty only an asshole would have the nerve to talk to you." I don't know how I was supposed to take that but whatever?

    In the end its ok though because who would want to wind up with a person who thinks that way? Too pretty or too good for you? Yeah right. If attraction or chemistry isn't there for either person, then that's a different story.


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  • I don't believe you should completely ignore somebody because of their looks, but I do believe you have to have a certain amount of physical attraction for a relationship.

  • When they say that, they are insecure. They think that the person is too good for them and that they don't derserve that person. In my opinion its really annoying when a guy or girl says that. I've had it happen before.


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