Does he like me or does he just want a hook up while he's in the country?

I met a guy through a mutual friend who actually lives in the Cayman Islands... we drove home in the back seat of a truck from a music festival together for 19 hours, we talked lots, laughed, snuggled. He played with my hair, rubbed my shoulders and ran his fingers across my arms and held my hand. When I was dropped off at home he helped me with my bags, hugged me and kissed my cheek. I went inside and added him on Facebook about 430am and he accepted immidietly then I messaged him and told him I had been sleeping better next to him and he came back saying he would have rather spent the night with me but he would be back in September and said " we will have to pick this back up again then, deal " I agreed then today I told him I was thinking of him lots and wasn't sure why as we just met and he lives so far away. He said we would keep in touch but that he did live far away and didn't plan on moving home soon but he wished we would have been able to stay together that night and that he would love to see me when he comes home. We casually talked for a while and I told him I had been tired that night but I would have stayed up with him that night and he said ya I know but you needed rest babe. He never called me babe before. So I guess my question is, I know he lives far away but do you think it's possible he could want more then friends with benefits when he is in Canada or should I just expect that's all he is looking for?


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  • Have you talked about trying to have a relationship, long distance? By the way, phone bills from country to country, can be outrageous


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  • Only he knows. You need to be direct about your expectations and find out his intentions. If he acts the same after you let him know you're not going to just be a casual fling for him you have your answer. Additionally you can (and should) just ask him what he is looking for. Casually bring it up.