Why do we usually think of the bad before the good?

For example, if you're dating a guy who has done so many good things that you lost count, but does one bad thing, why is it so common that we only remember the bad thing rather than the good?


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  • Yeah we tend to do that and it's called fear. The fear of getting hurt again. But the good thing about having reason and a mind is that you can try and understand even the bad things and chose to live with them. The worst thing is to give into fear and let it ruin some really nice things.

    There's this girl we were completely in love and did so many wonderful things with and for each other but we both hurt each other really badly too. I tried understanding but without her input I'm only speculating and I tried reaching out to her but she got scared of the whole thing and decided to run away from the problems. So because of fear everything that was nice got chucked away.

    That's what fear does it's sad but true.


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  • It's mainly women who think their partner is only as good as his last mistake (even if it's an innocent mistake).
    Men more often try to look at the good qualities in their partner, and ignore the failures.

  • Good thing are enjoyed and then it's spent. When we are hurt, we are wounded, and our scars still hurts when reminded of it.

    It's a simple defence mechanism in our brain, to prevent further injuries.


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  • we are humans we focuse on the bad side of a person and not in the good side besides if a person means so much to you and did something bad it will hurt you more and you will remember that thing cause you didn't expect that from him