Should I run from this guy or stay put?

I liked him for years now and I finally got to be with him after him and his girlfriend broke up. They have a child together who is a new born so yes they will be seeing each other a lot. He told me right away and came clean about everything from who broke up with who to his kid. Well him and his ex are friends and recently there was a pool party and he kept looking at her and smiling at her. I got upset so I left and he did chase after me. He told me she said I was good for him and approved of me. In which I got upset because why does she need to approve of me? I forgave him eventually but I still am jealous when their kid stays at his house and I'm staying over. They say goodnight to the kid like a family would do. Its very upsetting that I don't feel included even though he tries to make me part of them. She is constantly in the house or he's constantly with her. At parties she has to be there and even on date nights he has to leave because if the kid or she needs help. I barely get time to him for myself because of my work. I still like him but I'm not sure.


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  • Yours is an interesting situation. For a man to hang out sometimes with a woman who he has a child with even if he is no longer involved with her is understandable. However, him constantly being with her indicates to me that the two of them are still in love. I think that you should probably walk away and advise him to think about who he truly wants to be with.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you are jealous of her then leave the relationship. When you are with a man who has kids - he has to have a relationship with his ex-wife / ex-girlfriend - no matter what and SHE MUST APPROVE OF YOU for you to date him. It's not about you or him or her anymore - it's about the kids. If you don't like it this way - you can leave.