Women in their late 20s? Do you find a 37 year old divorced, tall, successful guy guy with great hair to be damaged goods?

I'm a divorced guy with kids. I own a home. I live in LA. I own a business and I look younger than most guys my age, thanks to going under the knife in subtle ways over the years, like most people in this town.

I'm interested in dating a 25 - 28 year old woman mainly because I am not interested in having additional kids at least for a few years, and I feel like women my age all want kids right away.

I'd actually prefer a woman close in age to me, but I am starting to realize that younger women are much more supportive of my career dreams and have dreams of their own that I find quite attractive.

Other than "get away you creep!" what do most of you women think?


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  • I see very few people as "damaged goods"... i just see them as well lived or as having life experience

    • At your age (18-24), which is outside of my target demographic, do you see me as an "old man" ?

    • haha no, 37 is not old, id say old doesn't start till your mid to late 50's

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  • it depends on your physical appearance and true personality. i don't discriminate on divorced people. i do not find aged faces attractive, however.

  • Ooohhh your close I like in highland close to san bernardino ;)

  • If you were rich I'd date you. Otherwise I wouldn't.


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