He stopped mid way through sex?

The guy I've been talking to and I finally slept together and the next morning we slept together again. And right after finishing, a few minutes after we went at it again & mid way he just stopped.

Any idea why? I didn't mention it & neither did he. All he said was "I'm actually good & I didn't need to finish"


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  • He may just be sexed out he has now fulfilled his sexual urge so now it's time to share more about yourself and get to know him better. Once I'm sexed out and have become happy with sex i don't need any for a wile so i like to take that time with the girl I'm with and just spend it with her relaxing and learning more about her and just spending that time with her. Give him that time he will be back at it sooner or later.


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  • He wasn't that into it. Probably realized you were a cheap skank with no self-respect since you were so easy. Can't blame him.

  • He couldn't not been able to keep an erection after having sex again so soon. He, and most guys, would be embarrassed as hell to say that in the moment.

  • Are you sure he didn't finish and was to embarrassed to say?


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