Why am I dreaming about him?

so i had been dating this guy for about 3 months but recently i stopped because he began to act really funny and play games and he would only see me to have sex and tell me we were gonna go on a date but never did. he's a hip hop music manager for his nephew he's 39 im 22... well anways yesterday i was gonna call him but i decided not too because i dont wanna talk to him anymore. my phone has been off for a week because i just quit my job since i finished school and i figured i needed to find work doing my career instead of dancing. so he can not get in touch with me. the dream was weird. I was at a club and he was there with all his friends and he starting hitting on and groping one of my friends that he does not know she does not know him either. so i got up and left and he came after me and i was crying and yelling at him and in the dream i was hurt but when i woke up i was like lmao... is it true you dream about people when they think about you? or is it just a dream. is this a sign to keep staying away from him. i mean he has 8 kids and i had long suspected he had a girlfriend or wife but he insisted that he didnt..


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  • It depends on if you believe that dreams are real or that they tell things. Many people believe it's the subconscious "coming alive" when you're sleeping, that, when you sleep, all the things you don't think about, come up, usually in R. E. M. sleep. i can't tell you if this is true or not, Nobody has ever proven this, it's only a theory. It's just something that I thought I'd mention and that you'll have to decide for yourself. You could always just confront him and tell him the dream you had, see what he says, but remember, no-one likes confrontation, if they can stay away from it


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  • I think you just miss him, perhaps subconsciously, which makes you dream about him. Dreams are subconscious.

  • Wow that's a 17 years difference between you and him ,, if a cop sees you together , he goes to jail , do you know that? Thats like a student and a teacher...

    • lmao im 22 well above the age of 18

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    • your a complete idiot he's not a teacher... lol get off the computer and go watch the news or something. you get donkey of the day..

    • Omg i swear to god i am gonna take a picture of this convo ,, keep thinking of it and you might figure out what i meant xD

  • 8 kids? Leave him the fuck alone


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