Bf is a bit upset when I do things without him?

Whenever I volunteer or join a new organization like a biking club, my bf gets really mad. It's like he doesn't want me to meet new people. He only likes it when I hang out with me or friends I've already have. If I try to make new friends or get out of my social circle, he pouts and gets passive aggressive and makes me feel bad.

But what is so terrible about wanting to do new things and meet new people? I'm not looking for guys, I just want to try new things. And I always ask him to come with me, sometimes he wants to, other times he doesn't.

Do you think I'm wrong? Or is he overreacting?


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  • He is just being protective of you... I get a little worried for some reason when I hear my girl is going some place I have never heard of before. lol... If you don't saying anything to him that's reassuring you'll be back with him. It make him think and think and think and wonder all the different outcomes that could happen. I do it sometimes and I try my hardest not too... You just need to lay down the law and say what you feel, you need to say hey, I really enjoy going to these events and organizations, I'm there because I enjoy them, i get to meet new people and explore new things, this what I like to do and no matter who I meet just know that, at the end of the day I'm gonna come back to you... Then see what he says and how he reacts. If he really likes you or even loves you (not sure how long you've been together) then he'll support you in those events, and I bet he'll be more willing to go to these things with you... As long as you really enjoy these event your talking about. If its something your truly passionate about... So you just need to draw the line!

    • But don't be a bitch about it. He's not over reacting... But if you tell him that you really enjoy these things and he isn't on board with you after you draw the line... Then you need to stick to that line you just drew and leave or else you won't be able to do shit... I know I'm protective but not to the point where id be like no your not doing this.

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  • Get rid of him. It sounds harsh, but believe me, it won't get better.
    Guys like him tend to get really aggressive and sometimes harm their partners physically. Don't settle honey. There's so much in this world to discover, and new people to meet...
    It's not worth it, loosing your nerves over guys like him, believe me.

    Anyone that makes you feel bad when you are fulfilled and happy, isn't worth your time.


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  • Tell him to fucking get over it


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  • you aren't wrong, you are living life to the fullest. he is definitely overreacting. next time this happens, invite him to come along and if he says no, then say "then don't be upset when i go to do this."