How should I go about getting into another relationship?

I've only been into one relationship where I was serious.
After some time, I have moved on and ready for another serious relationship. I've worked on myself; It's like I've done all these things to improve myself -- and I'm happy with the results. But then I realized -- What's the point of all these accomplishments? I want someone to grow and share memories with. Somebody to love and wake up to.
I don't even know how to find a girl that's right for me.
Where do I start? How do I find a girl that's open to new relationships. Anytime I meet one, they seem wrapped up in their own life to get involved with anyone else.


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  • I have to be honest for a second I thought I was reading my own thoughts. However, being ready for a relationship is all about you, once you've conquered that, you just need to be open. Try new things, go places alone, get involved with school, and really get to no people. Relationships grow, so get to know these girls as a friend before anything else. Good luck!

    • "Get to know these girls as friends first." So simple, yet, so true. I guess I was so committed towards falling in love again, and didn't want to wait. But you're right; that's where the best relationships come from. Friendship. Thanks a lot!


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  • the thinks is being under 18 its hard to get into a committed relationship because most girls are getting use to the stress of becoming an adult, and trying to find out what we want t do when we finish high school. also we are trying o find out want we want in a guy, so waiting is something you will have to do, until the girls have figured thinks out. I understand its hard, because I'm doing the same.


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  • If you're "under 18" you have all the time in the world. You might not find the right woman for another 10 years for all you know! Just live your life, don't think about what your thinking and a good woman will come your way assuming you dont come to her.