Do girls like touchy-feely guys?how can I know if a girl likes touchy-feely guys?

I'm real touchy feely, not really play fighting but ill do that too, but I value romance more than comedy, I really like being romantic, what do you think about that? how can I find or spot a girl that likes guys like that?


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  • Ok so if you guys are watching a movie downstairs and she scoots next to you. Keeps scooting over, then she's touchy. If it's a scary and long movie she would eventually fall asleep on your lap with her breast right up at you XD. Or if its scary shell jump on you if a scary part comes.

  • uhm i dont think thats easy to spot? like if you first meet a girl and you hella touchy it just gets creepy but if its clear that you and her have a thing then its okay here and there just know your limit thats all


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