Cute, beautiful, gorgeous, and pretty? Help!?

Help, what does it mean when a guy says that? My friends say I'm gorgeous but guys r usually like it cute and my ex said I wad beautiful. Help I'm confused.


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  • no hard rules, but what i've noticed is:

    cute is a little less romantic, sometimes shy people use it as a buildup before beautiful.
    beautiful is considered more sincere.
    gorgeous... no idea
    pretty is a bit detached and just usually a polite compliment

    "baby you're simply gorgeous, cute as lovely kitten, and pretty like the sunset on sweet summer day. What i'm trying to say is... i think you're beautiful, and don't ever think otherwise"

    the words are all interchangeable and context and the people saying the words are much more important than the actual word to determine meaning.

    good luck and enjoy the compliment, i used all the words + lovely! good luck determining my meaning =)


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