Should I ask him to teach me how to hit with a baseball bat?

There's this guy who I think might like me... actually not sure. Tell me if you agree hahah--he gazes at me and doesn't break eye contact for a really long time. I just look over time to time and it's like he's still looking at me but then he looks away and down at the floor and he looked sad? For a group picture, at first we just stood next to each other but then he got closer and put his arm around me. He has smiled at me once or twice but I think he's kind of shy. He told me that he plays baseball so I am wondering if I should ask him to teach me how to hit. I'm quite athletic so I think I'll get the hang of it pretty quickly. I play tennis, do archery, kickbox, and like to go running :) Or, should I just talk to him more and see if he will make a move? Did he make a move by putting his arm around me? I don't know... which is why I am here now lol thank you!! I'm 18, he is 22. I graduated highschool by the way


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  • "I think I'll get the hang of it pretty quickly."

    Yeah, I wouldn't plan on that lol

    But it's good move on your part. Involves one on one time together and probably some light touching and flirting.

    I know because I had the exact same situation in high school lol

    • I played baseball once, and did hit the ball soooo lol

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    • It comes at you at 90 miles an hour? Don't they have... slower ones?

    • It can come in at 100mph at higher levels but, slower ones? Yeah, of course. I'm sure your area has batting cages and in those cages they will likely have softball cage options. The ball will come in at about 40-60 mph in those options.

      Baseball, however? At your age range the men are all throwing 70+ (at the very least).


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  • Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports, so don't expect it to come easy.

  • Sounds like a good move if you're interested in the guy.


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  • It sounds like he likes you and this could be a great opportunity to get closer and flirt and touch, and I'm sure he'll be happy that you're interested in something he likes. Don't expect hitting a baseball to be easy though. I played baseball for several years when I was in high school, and successfully hitting a ball that's coming toward you at 80-90 mph is not as easy as it looks, lmao.