A guy I am dating just confessed to me that he owns a chain of p*rn shops - what should I think?

Met a nice guy recently - last night he finally confessed that he owns a successful chain of p*rn shops across the state. He got into the business at a young age because he was down and out. He also confessed that his last few GF's were p*rn stars! He said he wants to go legit, that's partly why he was attracted to me, since I am a "nice, respectable girl". Ok, I need help on this one. It's a bit sleazy for my taste but I don't want to judge him either. Thoughts?


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  • your gut is telling you that you might be drawn into a world that wouldn't fit with yours! so if that is your thought i can almost say for certain that your thoughts have served you well

    • Yes it doesn't feel right. The last p*rn star GF was only 18 (he is 30) and she was psycho - she got into fist fights with people in his apartment complex and they all brought lawsuits against him- crazy. Not my style.

    • just the way you said he confessed? that means it was a secret! honestly i have nothing against the p*rn industry at all but if your not that way enclined then maybe move on i would suggest!


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  • everybody has baggage so if you can see yourself happy with this guy keep going. he had p*rnstar gf's so what? what he did back then is his business


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  • it sounds like a borderline project... if you can handle his baggage and can be cautious enough to break it off if need be, i say go for it

    just make sure he knows that "wanting to go legit" doesn't mean it's okay for him to have half-naked girls in your home