Why do girls take so long to text back?

seriously , sometimes its reply in 2 seconds, then 5 hours. girls always loaf on texting... why?


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  • lots of reasons:

    1) I really am literally busy...doing something at the moment...shower...finishing up a paper...gone out to get groceries for my mom...cleaning...eating dinnner with family...listening to ipod...working out, watching tv inside but my phone is in my room...or who knows still inside my purse...i could be at work...im not allowed to have my phone on me at work...i work in retail.

    2.) if I do have my phone on me...ill get his text and I could need some time to think it over of what to say or reply...like if I wanna impress him and stuff...or flirt with him without being too obvious...sometimes ill get his text...and ill immediately call up my bffs and tell her out of happpinesss and joy and discusss everything he wrote emoticons, punctuation and everything and analyze it all and re-read it over and over again with euphoria, and prepare wisely of what I am going to reply next...lol...its called being a girl.


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  • Honestly, I think it depends on the girl! I always text back super quick, but I have friends that take forever to reply. I can always count on one friend to text me back at least an hour later!

    Um... another idea occurred to me though. If you're talking about one girl in particular, then the reason might be because she knows that she can txt you back at any time and that you'll be waiting for it! What I mean is that she has no sense of urgency to text back because she can rely on you to red it when you get it. This is a good thing, but you also have to get her out of her habit of waiting too long. Let her know that you can't stand waiting to long to hear from her because you love talking to her. You might even try giving her a call every once in a while when you know she isn't busy. It's a sweet thing to do and a lot more personal than a text message =)

  • I always thought that it was the guy but if I don't text a guy back right away it can be because I'm doing something else and don't have my phone with me at the moment or maybe I'm thinking about what to say because what you say can come off wrong during a text sometimes. Sometimes I will get a text late which requires him to recieve my response late. I'm not sure why that happens tho maybe because of different phone providers.

  • depends on the girl and how busy she is. I know I often get back as soon as I can because I like to have things done on time.

  • Because, you may not be aware of this, but we do not sit in front of our phone, praying you'll test us. We have our lives, and sometimes we are too busy to reply straight away, plus our phones sometimes are on silent. Or you wrote so confusing thing we have to consult our friends/think about what to reply ;p

  • that's funny 'cause guys do this all the time. I was having this back and forth two hour convo with a guy on two second replies and mid-question, he stops texting. he replied like two days later and I didn't even remember what the hell he was talking about anymore.

    i will admit that I get distracted or don't feel the need to reply...if I really like a guy, I might wait a little bit to text him so I don't look desperate, lol. depends on the situation.

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  • its called BEING BUSY. and its the only reason to text rather than pick up a phone and make a call.

    • I notice that most of the woman here have long response to the question above.This is because the majority of them here take a long time to reply to a text, when in reality most woman can't keep off the phone. So when they see a question like this, they automatically feel guilty because they DO take a long time to text and try and give a legitimate answer as to why they take a long time.It's basically to play hard to get and not seem desperate.She will take long if he does also. Juvenile

  • women crave attention, its the same with personal ads in the internet.

    they place an ad, lotta pics, but seldom respond when men take the time to answer the ad,women just want to know men are paying attention to em, but they really don't care if the guy gets ignored for his efforts.

  • That's rubbish I work, go to school, practice guitar, draw assignments, and play video games on a daily basis my texts are never more than 20 min late unless I don't want to reply because I'm pissed or pretending to be distant... Who is busy for 5 hours?

  • It's not just girls,trust me.It's guys too.My friend would complain to me how she would meet a guy and get hyped up and take like 15mins to replay to him and then he would take a heck of a lot of time before he would replay.It happens on both sides,so relax.

    It depends on the girl,ur not alone.


  • I really wish I found this website 6 months ago, I had the same problem !

    But I think I've worked it out. Girls like to multi-task. Love it, actually. As you're texting she could be texting or IMing 5 other people, or she could be out/with friends etc etc.

    Other factors are her interest in you and/or the conversation topic. When me and the girl I was texting got closer her replies got quicker... You know, priorities and all that.

    She may just want to end the conversation or not know what to say.

    But however long she takes, NEVER send two consecutive texts. Just don't.

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