Omegle Relationship: Do they work?

Has anyone on here ever had a relationship where they met through omegle. Just tell me bout them, because I may be in one soon.


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  • I met someone on omegle about 4 years ago and we added one another on skype. After a month i forgot about him, but he'd message me sparsely through out. Eventually we started talking on a regular bases and we talked and cammed every single day. We became best friends as the years past, we comforted one another through the hard times and made each other feel less lonely. I eventually fell in love with him. This year he flew in for my birthday (he lives on the other side of the world), and I'm planning to visit him in the winter. Although we both understand how difficult it can be for us to be in a relationship because of how far we live from one another something still tells me he's the man i want to marry. Even though he never wants to admit it every now and then he'll slip up and talk about our future children, where we'll live, how our home would be. It's gone to the point where we'll both acknowledge one another as our soul-mate. So, to answer your question, they can work if you're willing to make them work. Him and I still talk every single day, from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep.


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  • I've done Omegle, and it seems like 98% of them are their for sex. Sure there are some normal people too, but rarely. So I personally won't get serious with someone I meet on Omegle.

    But, to answer your question, yes it's possible for the relationship to work. Just like any other relationship, if you give it effort it will work out :)

  • one in a million... chance of that ever working


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  • Difficult but certainly not impossible. Like any other relationships... if you put in the effort, it will work.