Do shy guys ever call you back?

I just left him a voice mail message for the first time. I was so nervous to call in the first place so I just basically said "Call me back for a chat". He is REALLY shy though.. How long do you think it will take him to call me back, if at all? Do shy guys call back right away or will he be too nervous?


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  • By you taking the first step that eliminated some of the shyness so more then likely he will call if he's interested but if he is shy like that then expect to pretty much dominate the convo lol


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  • Aww... being a kind of shy person myself, I would guess that, no, he probably won't call back right away, if at all. It can be quite pressuring for shy people to talk to strangers /in person/, and on the phone it's just 200 times worse. (At least, in my experience, obviously.) I would say... text him? If that's not what you're already doing. Or just call him back yourself until he's around to pick up -- and then make sure you have some solid talking points prepared so there's fewer awkward pauses in the conversation. Taking a person's social anxiety into consideration really really goes a long way, I'm sure he'd appreciate it!!

    • Won't I end up annoying him if I just keep calling? Do you mean call every day or try again in an hour?

    • Ah yeah not every day... I just assumed that if you called back once or twice he'd pick up... but if not, I guess it's on him! Good luck!