Is all hope lost with him?

Need you guys' help with this one... so I had this mini crush on a guy that works in the same place as I (different dept). I know him through mutual friends (he actually dated a friend of my friend years ago). I am friends with him on Facebook, and we have each other's number (one day at lunch he asked me for my number). I openly told my coworkers that I found him attractive. One day he came by my lunch table and got to know all of us. After lunch, one of my coworkers decided to take it upon herself to find out which dept he worked at and proposed to him that we should go out and that I am shy. He asked her why is she doing it vs me, and that he will call me later. I let her do it, not realizing she was going to be so blunt and forward. I was mad at her for a little while, and ended up calling him later to tell him that it wasn't my idea and all of that. I didn't mention that I liked him or anything. We still keep in touch, and like each other's stuff on Facebook from time to time. To you think there is a chance for me having anything with him? Or has it gotten too awkward?

  • Men like Shy girls, it isn't too late
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  • Things have gotten too weird.. You have been friendzoned
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This is why I on this site! Girls are saying something different from the guys. I wanted s Guy's perspective anyway :)


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  • The only option now is to show/tell him that you are interested. You definitely have a shot, but at this point if you just stay quiet so will he, I'm sure he felt sort of shut down. If I get shut down by a girl I am not going to make a move unless I know she is interested.


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  • "[I] ended up calling him later to tell him that it wasn't my idea and all of that. I didn't mention that I liked him or anything."

    He may have interpreted that as meaning that you are NOT interested in him.

  • You should just take it easy ,,, thats nothing ,,, it cannot mess up anything !

  • There was not a poll option for me. I need more info and you need to flirt more with him.

    • The poll was for anyone to answer. I was asking if I was friend zoned. I prefer guys' opinions on this question. Sorry for not making that clear. What other information do you need?

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    • I haven't been seeing him around... how can I ask him by phone? I don't wanna miss out twice! Lol

    • This will have to be planned. The phone is not as good. Find out where he is and prepare but relax and do not plan on what to say.

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  • I think there may still be a chance, but you'll have to get over your shyness just enough to express your interest in him so he's aware of it. You can try asking him out yourself. Maybe that will do the trick. Good luck. :)

    • Thank you for the feedback. He is definitely a gentleman, which is why I can't tell what his thoughts are. Either way at least we are friends and not estranged.. lol

    • You're welcome. I hope it helped you. If he's a gentleman, he is certainly a rare find. As long as you stay friends, you'll have a good chance to remain close to him and maybe he'll ask you out.

  • It's a bit awkward and I would consider finding someone else in that situation.