When are you in a relationship?

Pretty much as the title says, how do you know when you're in a relationship?


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  • You're in a relationship when I tell you you are.
    You're hungry when I tell you you are.
    You're tired when I tell you you are.
    No more questions till I tell you you can.

    • That really doesn't help that much... haha

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    • If I spent all my weekends with a guy, spent most of my spare time with him and then he said he didn't consider me a girlfriend, I'd probably be quite offended personally. Especially combined with the other stuff like changing my plans for him.
      If it was very early on, I'd be offended if he didn't think we were at least on our way to becoming a couple.
      You obviously like this girl, and she obviously likes you. Just have the talk and make it official. Some people never have the talk though, and just end up in a relationship. My partner and I just both assumed we were together, years later, plus moving in together, we've still never had "the talk" but we're a couple.

    • i'm not sure it's been long enough yet to have the talk, there's obviously chemistry and we really comfortable around one another... and we've talked about our past and what we want from the future. So all good I guess...


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  • You will know if you're in a relationship. It's not something that needs to be discussed there will be a mutual interest and things will feel good. if you're wondering what the deal is, then simply communicate with this person. the worst that can happen is you find out you're not on the same page and you can move on and find someone who will be. Good luck!

  • Relationship is when both agree to accept one another to as partner. You can't say you're in relationship when the girl doesn't even know you. And how do you know when you ready for relationship is when you start see how important that person in your life or how much you need to be that person. There's always a reason to be in relationship with someone, it can a stupid or wise reason.

  • For me is when I finally will give my number, then it leads on to texting, dating. After a while, the relationship is definitive.

    • So if you were spending the majority of your time with someone that would be a relationship?

    • Yes, but in a more flirty and romantic ways. Not like taking your mates for a beer at the pub :)

  • I didn't realize I we were dating for almost a month... I thought we were just hanging out and doing things together.

    • Haha... So confused?

    • I didn't realize we were dating, for over a month. I seriously thought we were just hanging out, because he never actively confirmed we were dating. After about a month he asked me to be his girlfriend, that's when the actual relationship started. Confirmation is key.

    • That make far better sense... thank you :)

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  • Relationships usually start by a kiss. But, if the girl is shy and not outgoing, she would give you obvious signs that she is interested, like, flirting with you, calling you nicknames, holding your hand, finding excuses to touch you. It all depends on the girl, if she does some of these signs, then she definitely wants you to be her man, and here is where you get in, since girls won't make the first move. Just ask her out, and then you will get to know if she wants a relationship or not from her response.