When i'm with my boyfriend we ran out of things to talk about? what should we do/talk about?

I don't know what to talk about, and I HATE the awkward silence


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  • i know people say silences shouldn't be awkward between a couple. but the thing is some people are generally shyer than others and so when they get in these situations they panic because they dont want to bore the other. if i was you, id show the other person your relaxed in those silent situations and maybe crank on the tv to fill those silent moments

    • finally someone understands <3 thank you


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  • Whoa. A women running out of things to talk about. . .

    Seeing your under 18 I can understand why you might actually. I'm thinking you haven't been together long but there should be a lot of stories you have or he has that could spark another conversation.

    • yea we've been togheter for a short time now (2 months.. but still)
      & yea, women running out of things to talk... weird i know ;)

  • i think in a really good relationship you should be able to have silence and not have it be awkward. in my opinion that is a sign of comfort with your partner. you simply aren't going to have something to talk about at all times

    • my friend told me the same.. i know it's nice to have some silence.. but i suddenly get anxiety couse i think it's awkward for him that we don't know what to talk about...

    • throw on some music you like, or throw on a tv show. it's really not a reasonable expectation that you'll always have something to talk about, especially the longer you are with someone. bask in the comfort of being able to just be with someone without having to say anything

  • if you run out of things to talk about just start talking about yourself and something else will come to mind.


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