Should I try things with this highschool girl or wait to find a girl my age at college?

I'm a sophomore and I kind of have a crush on this 18 year old girl who's a senior from a local highschool. I know she's 18 but the fact she's in HS makes me feel like a creep. When I go back to school which is only 25 minutes from my house it is an OK distance and doable but I'm kind of torn. Should I ask this girl out and see if it works out or find a girl who is my age.


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  • She's not a minor; if you like her, age difference shouldn't be a barrier. When I was 16 I started dating a 20 year old guy. We stayed together for 10 years and it was great. Don't give credit to society's silly rules.. I say go for it!

    • She's the type of girl who tells me that she wants get married and settle down and I'm hesitant cause she is so much more mature then me and I know she wants to date older guys so she drops hints like smiles and now calls me by my actual name which no one else does.

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    • Oh I didn't know there was this other girl in the picture... that's complicated indeed! Only you can decide now, but it seems that if you pursue the one that is your age, it's just because it's easier, no? While the other one, you really like... of course I'd say "Man, go for the younger one".. but that's the "ideal" answer, I guess. It's in your hands now. Choose wisely, my friend.

    • I found the one my age to be a lot more physically attractive but she rejected me once before chose another guy over me but texted me and wants to talk next semester which is in a week. The HS girl is less attractive to me cause she's younger and a bigger risk I don't know cause I am not sure how she feels about me.


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  • If you genuinely like this girl and have interest beyond just wanting to sleep with her then I would do it. If you have a connection then why pass that up? It doesn't come around as often as people think.

    But on the other hand if you just want to sleep with her ( be honest with yourself ) then I would just find someone your own age to sleep casually with.
    Hope this gave some insight! Good luck

  • I think you should try at least! When my sister was a 17 year old hs junior she dated a guy who was a 19 year old college freshmen. I don't think it's weird at all.


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  • I think u should go ahead and talk to her :)

    • Well I talk to her non stop at work and we act really friendly toward each other. But I haven't tried to get her number or ask her out. We both went through a period where so. some hurt us so we talked about that and bonded.

    • so I don't know really, just take u chance if u really think u like her :p