Why does my brother not want me to date his friend?

One of my brother's friends and I have been flirting a lot lately. I like him, and I think he likes me too. I'm 16 and he is 19. The only problem is that he is one of my brother's friends. The other day I asked my brother what he would think if his friend and I were to get together... and he pretty much freaked out. He said that he would never ever let that happen.

Why does he have such a problem with that?


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  • it can be a lot of things. one think is it can be weird if you guys broke up for your brother because whoever did would always be asking them why... It could also be because he know him better than almost anyone. my brother wanted to date one of my friends that is a girl. he doesn't know how she really is like I do and I don't want him to get hurt... it may be the same way. He might also not want his friend always hanging out with you and putting strain on there friendship but it could be a lot of things...

    hope that helps


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  • Your brother doesn't want his friend having sex with his little sister, enough said. Since he's his friend, he knows exactly how he is, and if he doesn't want him to date you, doesn't that say something?


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  • It's awkward to have a sibling date your friend. Especially at your age. He might slip a "My girlfriend's so hot" or something into the conversation, and that would be pretty much awful for your brother to have to deal with. He could also be protective of you, and either know something about the guy that you don't, or just not want to see you date at all. Has he ever had a problem like this before with any other guys you've dated/wanted to date?

    Also, what if you two break up, and it's bad? He's possibly thinking ahead to a situation like this where he'd have to take sides.

    Have you asked your brother why he has such a problem with this?