How would you react to a cusser that cussed when expressing your feelings?

I was curious to see if anyone else would react this way or if I'm just sensitive. If someone were to throw profanity at you if you were expressing feelings of admiration toward them, would you be deeply hurt by it? Or would you just be angry? Especially if the person never apologizes when they realize they've hurt you? Or would you act in some other way?


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  • I'd say you're being sensitive, especially for someone your age. But then it depends on what you mean. What kind of phrases? Just cursing in describing something or are they saying, "Fck you" ?

    I'm not bothered by cursing. I curse a lot myself. But if someone were trying to dismiss my feelings, whether they cursed or not, I would be annoyed. Depending on the person, maybe even hurt a little. But just cursing while responding, and not necessarily cursing AT me? No, I couldn't care less.


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  • How did he swear at ya? You said you love him and he said what exactly?

    • He told me to F off and that I creeped him the F out-never to talk to him again basically. I apologized and haven't said a word to him since. A lot of my friends told me I shouldn't have apologized for my feelings and that I should have told him what for but I didn't want to stoop to his level.

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    • I have had some pretty fucking bad hangovers, motion sickness is the worst imo.
      I still wouldn't be treating someone like that, sounds like a loser, shouldn't worry about him.

    • Yeah probably right. Thanks! :)

  • I curse all the time, i dont find it offensive, maybe the guy didn't mean anything by it. Guys often say something small and girls then go thinking BIG what he meant by it, even if nothing was really meant by it.

  • Cussing doesn't faze me unless you cuss in every other sentence, then it gets annoying.


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