What makes a memorable girlfriend?

You always here guys say wow this girl is amazing and stuff, well what makes a girlfriend an amazing girlfriend?


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  • usually the stuff she does in bed, i had a girlfriend that will lick my anus, and as gay as that sound, i can't stop think about her when i jerk off. if i still had thee chance i would marry her, she also understood men, like she will me i'm her master and let me do her back door, and she will swallow too, and in her every day life she was like the sweetest thing you would never expect that fro her,, plus she was very elegant in how she dressed


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  • A girl that gives you liberties with your friends, but at the same time dedicates a lot of her time with her boyfriend. I always like very social interactive relationships, a lot of communication. Also if she's very affectionate and likes a lot of cuddling and stuff then that's awesome :)

  • If the sex is earth-shatteringly good, she'll be memorable.
    Any other qualities seem to be in proportion to that.


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