Any good ideas for places to go or things to do on a date?

Wanted to know fun activities that wouldn't cost much for a date.


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  • Well it depends whether you mean spending 0 dollars or whether you mean spending $4 dollars or something similar cheap.

    I think a good date would be a day at the bookstore reading and discussing books - at least I'd enjoy that.

    Maybe you guys can go to a poetry competition and drink some sprite if it takes place at a bar

    I also think you could join a church even or amnesty international event for a date

    Maybe play chess with each other / monopoly / chinese checkers / checkers / 5 in a row etc...

    Maybe watch a good movie and drink tea

    Try cheap meals like egg tempura. It costs 5 cents to make but they charge $10 dollars for it at japanese restaurants etc...


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  • Invite you date over for a movie night its cozier and you get a chance to talk with out the constraints of a movie theater. Or take you date star gazing, often time local observatories don't charge admission and there its really romantic. Also if its a cold night you and you date could cuddle or you could offer your jacket.

  • Depends on the girl. I like coffee shops, pizza parlors, museums, and any marvel movie in theaters

  • I love going to parks and botanical gardens. It doesn't cost much. Just gas.


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