Why would anyone in the right mind do this?

So I met this amazing girl, she told me she was single and I asked her out on a few dates, to which she said okay. It all went great, took her to dinner had a good time, I was specific that it was a date too, I said "Lets go on a date" to which she replied "Oh a date huh? okay." She would hold my arm when we were walking around and peck my cheek to say good bye when I sent her off.

So fast forward a few dates later, she tells me she has a boyfriend of over a year and I nope'd the hell out immediately. She's great and all but I didn't want to be that guy plus if she did it to that guy now and if we get together I could see her doing it to me as well, so I told her "I'm sorry, I don't see myself as a third party, but it would be great if we were just friends."

We used to talk everyday about anything, which is what I really like in someone, and she tells me everything in great detail and ask me about myself and stuff now I just get like shitty replies from her when I talk to her like I did usually (2 to 3 words and that's it).

Why wouldn't anyone be honest about this in the first place? I mean come on... I definitely would've been fine with a completely platonic relationship, it's way better than this.


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  • You were right for leaving her to the curb. I thinks she felt conflicted to go on a date with you because she liked you. But when she realized she can't keep lying, she came clean.

    • Which she should have done right from the start.

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    • wheels26 put it best, she cheated with me, she might cheat on me and that was a red flag to me. I sure as hell wouldn't want anyone to come between me and my girl and I wouldn't do that to someone else as well, it's horrible. We didn't sleep together but she was being all flirty and kissy when we went out.

      Even if it went further, it'll still haunt me that i'm the one she cheated with on an innocent person, so no. definitely no. I did tell her we should just remain friends and i didn't want to come in between her and her boyfriend but if it doesn't work out between them then she knows where to find me. Then she just started being so cold and distant after I said that.

    • Thanks for MHO.


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  • she's just a freak.. she was a player

    • Yeah, I've got no doubts about it but why? Do people actually get a kick out of this? Leading someone on then dropping them. I don't put myself out there a lot because my studies and career objectives comes first for me and every time I do some crap like this happens.

  • she's mad cuz you wouldn't go along with it and now she has no use for you


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  • You were right about if she'd cheat with you she'd cheat on you. You did the right thing by saying goodbye to her.

    • :( It sucks to feel this way.

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    • Thanks bro then at least if it does work out I can say I'm dating the most beautiful girl in the world. Hopefully you find the girl of your dreams too.

    • Haha, yeah definitely. Thanks dude. I hope it works out for you too.