Should I ask him out on a date now or to hangout? is that what he's waiting for?

him and i have a lot of history. we dated , hooked up multiple times in between and had sex within the last 4 years. We never got in real relationship because i wasn't sure what i wanted and turned him down. I've always had feelings for him and him too. he told me a few months ago when he was moving he likes me and has always liked me. he also brought up marriage jokingly twice to me in the past saying his plan is to marry me. also always asks me do you love me or love me jokingly I visited him a month ago and kept catching him starring at me, playfully hitting my stomach and butt and when he got drunk kept trying to kiss me and cuddled at night. i said no to kissing him because i said to stay friends (because i dont want to be just sex for him) . He came home to visit now for 2 weeks and I've seen him twice. same thing when i saw him now he was playfully hitting my stomach and butt. he asked when we were hanging out just us too. we made plans but they fell through. should i take initiative in asking him to do something? is that what he wants?


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  • You should be straight-forward towards him and tell your feelings truely. Don't keep him in doubt and nor do yourself.


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  • he obviously likes you, so if you like him, it would definitely make his day for you to initiate some plans with him.