Why do girls exchange numbers but dont respond when you call or text for a date?

I've exchange numbers with a couple of women and they all end up not responding back. Each time had a great time with them but no thing after the night we met.


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  • Women have this goofy shit they do where they feel like they can't say "no" to someone. So they give out their numbers to guys they aren't interested in so that they don't have to deal with saying "no", but never had any intention of going out with the guy.


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  • I just recently did that. I felt so bad. This guy asked for my number but before waiting for my response he took out his phone and stood there waiting. There were other people around. I felt bad and gave him my number. I Never replied to his message. It's true. We don't reply because we're just not that into you. Sorry :(

  • They are just not interested.


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