I told her how I felt and that I wanted to take her out as more than friends?

We've been friends for about a year, we are both on summer break and live a 1 hour drive away. We have seen each other a few times throughout the summer and it's always a great time, chemistry is there etc.

2 days ago we were talking and I told her I wanted to take her out to dinner, obviously as a date. She told me she couldn't this week because she was busy (she works 40 hours a week) but we could when she returned, she leaves for a small trip next week with her family.

I sorta dropped the bomb and told her I honestly just wanted to see her prior to leaving instead of waiting till she returned, since I would be a lot busier once school started again. She told me she didn't want me to drive to her hometown just for food. We sorta left it as this and I took it as a no.

The next day I woke up to a text from her telling me she understands and it's not that she can't go she, it's just she is busy this week and she asked me when I started school. I told her when I started and she never replied.

After thinking about it I now see I was never fully rejected instead I was told to wait, since she had other priorities.

How do I now go about this, she knows my intentions so do I wait till she contacts me or do I reunite are contact once she returns?


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  • Well the #1 thing to scare off a girl is being needy/showing neediness. Play it cool and if she doesn't want to put time aside for you then its no big deal. Make it seem like you mind driving over there for her, and if she doesn't want to see you then its no problem, you just thought it would be fun. Don't text her constantly or ask her why or why not. She'll eventually come around if she feels like she wants you and wants to hang out with you. If she doesnt, then she's not worth your time and there's plenty of girls way better than she is.


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  • I think you could tell her that it would be worth the trip for you to see her. If she doesn't respond to that, just leave it and don't initiate contact.

  • (Tbh) look just wait and see u both have priorities and no one can change dat if there's a spark then try to make her happy wen she's gone so wen she comes back u guys can start Dating. Also make time for her ad text we wen u can not wen u need to ok probably contact her tomorrow and try to plain it out see when u both are free so u can finally see her if u didn't yet


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  • Of course you weren't rejected. In as much as you didn't reject her when you said you'd be busy, too. How was it ok for you to do to her, but not for her to do to you?

    You kinda fucked it up by jumping the rejection gun. It's never a rejection if they give you an alternate time they're free.

    Best bet is to get in touch with her before she leaves with a day you figure you can swing after she gets back. Act like you never felt rejected. Stop cockblocking yourself.