Guys, what would you think if I responded to you like this?

So I got in touch (by email i. e.) with a guy I knew from way back because I heard he asked someone about me. I pretty much just said hi in the email and left it like that. But he responding by saying "Nice hearing from you, give me a sometime at #" Now for some reason I was just offended by that, given our history or lack there of, I suppose and responded "Thanks but this is my number, you can call me if you wish" How would you take my response and what do you make of it?


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  • I assume you missed a word and he was asking you to call him.

    I would think you were being a bit stand-off-ish, and would hesitate to call you without first coming up with some sort of ice-breaker to make you laugh and gauge whether you were mad at me. If he calls, be prepared to endure something in the manner of a cheesy pick up line (though, hopefully a personalized one).

    It would be better for you to learn not to take offense at such things. After all, if you're talking to someone you want to talk to, and he wants to talk to you, what difference does it make who dialed whose number?

    • Right! sorry, I meant to say "give me a call sometime". Well we haven't spoken to each other in years prior to the email and I felt like if he really wanted to talk he wouldn't say something like that... but I don't know...


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  • A fair bit less interested than his lol

  • I would just call you. thats it.


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