Has anyone denied dealing with you on a romantic level when they really have?

Have you ever been in a situation where you and a person that you were romantically interested in and vice versa, has denied dealing with you on a level past friendship but really have. I was in a situation where this girl that I used to talk to just lied to my cousin about talking to me on a romantic level. Would not admit it to her, she won't even get on a group chat via Skype to admit it. Have you ever been through that? Share your stories


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  • Once this guy asked me out. And I told my ex who was also his friend. And when my ex asked him about it he denied ever asking me out and went further to say I made the whole thing up. Yeah it wasn't a good idea on my part to tell my ex. But yeah it happened

  • I've had it the opposite way, where I didn't but they said I did.


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