Latina women (or women of all ethnic groups and all nationalities), how do you feel about "White Washed" Latino men in terms of relationships?

Nearly all of my family members, friends and classmates (mostly non-whites) would often tell me how I am "white washed" for a Latino guy because I speak English in a nearly perfect American accent with high vocabulary and hardly ever talk like a typical "ghetto" person from the "barrio/hood" and that I hardly ever dress like a "typical" Mexican or minority. Maybe it's because I grew up in a normal neighborhood where it's predominantly white (with some minorities living there), plus the neighborhood I grew up in is near a White Suburban neighborhood. I speak Spanish pretty good but I speak English very great with high vocabulary and no accent.

How do you ladies feel about "white washed" Latinos?


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  • Just because you speak English really well does not mean that you're white washed. How you dress is how you decide to express yourself, no one can tell you that you need to dress a certain way. Honestly, being "white washed" doesn't mean anything to me. Who you are is what matters. Just keep your roots and it shouldn't matter.

    But I know how you feel, all my friends now used to try to guess where I was from originally because I apparently sounded like a true native speaker to them in many different languages. I don't dress like your typical Chinese person either but I am predominantly Chinese, grew up there, speak both dialects fluently, but yet, people went as far as to ask me if I was polish because apparently I sound like a polish. Other people asked me if I was Latina, some even asked me if I was Romanian. The closest one I got was someone asking me if I was Filipino. My response to that was that he was close since I do have some roots there. I do speak most of the languages from the backgrounds that they have mentioned as well as other languages but it shouldn't matter what they think. Only you define yourself, not others.


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  • Speaking English well doesn't make you whitewashed. Having a good vocabulary doesn't make you whitewashed. Plenty of white people are illiterate and have thick accents. So how do I feel about a Latino guy who speaks proper English in the Standard American English accent? Sounds pretty typical to me.

  • Yo soy canadiense francesa y no me gusta la asimilacion, pero pienso que si hablas espaƱol y creciste in North America, it's just normal that you think a bit like gringos, although try not to forget your roots. Listen to Latin music, watch movies from your country, go to events. My kids are half Mexican and they are proud of both identities and speak French, English & Spanish.


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  • Girls love Latino men. Especially half Latino half Whites.

    • People used to mistake me for a Non-Latino white guy because of how I talk, act and how I even look because I'm not "brown enough". I have a bit of a light olive skin color and my hair color is medium brown. It short words, I don't look like the typical Mexican or Latino.

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    • You're not reading what I'm saying. I didn't imply that you felt stereotypes didn't exist.

    • Same with you on some of my statements here (You haven't carefully read). Just be straight forward and cut right to the chase for the sake of preventing us from misunderstanding each other.