Talking to an ex question?

my ex contacted me two months ago from what I'm pretty sure was his friend's phone, and then the next night from his own phone at around 2 am. He just called me last night at around 10:30 pm from a blocked number (sure it was him because he texted right after) and then texted me "Hey whats up." we had a really bad break up, both of us were really mad at the other, but we were never official because he had just gotten out of a previous relationship that had lasted years, and the only one he had ever had. I miss him but I am unsure of what he wants and whether or not this means he is willing to give me what I need from the relationship. what do you think?

by the way I haven't answered anything from him
we also hadn't talked in 6 months before the first time he contacted me


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  • I think the only way your going to know is if you talk to him. First you need to know what he's expecting and explain what your expecting. Let him know you miss him and see where things go. But do not fall into a horrible pattern and repeat the past breakup for what ever reason it ended. But maybe he's had time to cool off as well as you have and maybe that's what he's looking for as well. I'm sure he does miss you too if he's calling/ texting you. But make sure you communicate exactly what your expecting the second time around so there is success this time.


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  • He probably wanted a booty call. Sometimes guys use their ex's because they know they have feelings for them still.

  • Talk to him and see if he wants what u want out of a relationship if not then take time and moved on