So guy I'm seeing brought pulling other people up?

So me and this guy I'm seeing are going to a festival together and he brought up the fact of pulling other people and having no arguments about it. He said he doesn't plan on hookinh up with anyone but the drink could alter that obviously! And he wanted to make sure we're both on the same wave length! We're not committed but is this a bad sign? Or was he just trying to be realistic? He said he doesn't plan to so that must be something right?


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  • If you're not in an exclusive relationship then he can do whatever he likes, likewise you can too. He basically wants to have his cake and eat it too in a roundabout way.

    He wants to have fun with other women and wants you to be there for him once he's finished.


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  • What the fuck are you even talking about?

  • If you're not committed, then he's just letting you know what's going to possibly happen. And he is reminding you that you're not exclusive, so if anything happens, keep your annoyance to yourself. He doesn't want to hear it.


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