Do any Latina mind dating a Jamaican and black Caribbean men?

I must say that Latinas are most beautiful women I laid my eyes on. But most of the times, they usually go for Latinos and whites and not give other races of men a chance. Are any attractive Latinas open to date a guy from the Caribbean?


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What Girls Said 1

  • No girls of any race like guys who love that race so much. You become like a trophy or something to lust after and it's not nice. I would not mind a black man who didn't have too many Latina girlfriends before and doesn't say he prefer Latina. It is also difficult to have respect for your partner when you know he loves you so much because you are from a particular place, and as a girl you know you can get away with more things because he's just grateful he has a Latina.


What Guys Said 1

  • Dude, you are completely obsessed with a Latina hooking up or dating you lol. You seriously need to get off the computer, out of the house, and find a hobby or something. If you keep this up for much longer, you're going to turn into a very obsessive and bitter guy (if you aren't already).

    Go out and hear the birds chirp, feel the sun shine, listen to the sounds of the world. Ya know, peaceful shit like that.