Dating this guy & 98% time If I text him, How is your week/day going I get a sexual pun like long and hard, I don't know if I should be mad or laugh?

We have been dating for about a month and we have a great sexual chemistry! The sex is amazing! However, he has major walls up and getting him to answer a question is like pulling teeth. On our last date he did open up a little and we had an amazing night. He is so hard to read, and my insecurity makes me worry that it's just sex but I want it to be more! I should note that no matter the question he rarely answers with a direct answer it is always a pun or witty reply.


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  • he's obviously a very sexually orientated guy, and is very interested in sex and wants to make that clear to you... its down to you weather or not thats a problem or not... though id say if you looking for something serious then i dont think he's the guy for you. how are you ever going to really connect if you can't get a sincere answer? for a quick fling it wouldn't be a problem but when the excitement dies down so will the sex, and it will be hard for you to be with someone thats only focused on that, i dont see how yous would ever really bond or grow as a couple if he can't even dignify your questions with a proper response... im a guy n even i would find that annoying eventually... maybe ask him to grow up/ stop talking like that n see if he does, a relationship like that can't last forever

  • Maybe you're just the one who has the dirty mind. ;P


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