I'm super confused, please help. Thanks too!?

First of all, I know that a big relationship age gap isn't good. The man i like is at a different stage in his life and I'm just a naive girl who has a major crush.
I'm 18 years old in college and have become friendly with a 32 year old i met at a friends party. Anyways, I'm starting to really like this guy. We never run out of things to talk about and share common hobbies. It's never awkward and time flies by fast when we hangout.
Now I know that he is at a different stage in his life and has had a lot of experience with other women. He is also probably looking for a woman his age. I want to ask him out, but I'm afraid I've been way too naive. Do you think this would work out?
Thank you so much for reading this


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  • It's 14 years. It's not bad. Couples like you CAN work out if you allow it to. There are certainly lots of things men and women can find in common that has nothing to do with age. Also, an age difference is sometimes hot between a couple. You are technically an adult, as he is, and there is no hangup between adults, right? Have fun with your age difference and make it part of why you are so attracted. Yes, you will have differences, but this is to be expected with lots of couples, not just you two. The differences are minor, such as his experience with women?--maybe he wants to buy a house? You both have things that are good to offer one another that the other one needs. Maybe he needs a fun, young, carefree woman in his life to remind him what it's like. Maybe you want stability and maturity? Either way, if you enjoy each other's company, and you are attracted to each other, an agegap relationship should really mean very little.


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  • um it could work out but I always feel like guys who are like that are immature and kind of yucko

  • I'm in a really similar situation (except the guy is twice my age...). But if you get along with him, really like him and more importantly trust him, then go for it. I find that older guys are better a reading women, so he might already know that you like him.
    Take the chance. If you don't you'll always wonder what might have happened.

  • Men actually love younger women. You should do what you want, but keep in mind he is 14 years older than you & women already live longer than men, so if you were to end up with him, marry him, he unfortunately will die 15 or 20 years earlier than you. As it is harder for women to find men when they are older, you could spend the rest of your life alone, & without a companion. But if you truly like this guy, you can pursue him, just realize the age difference has it's set backs.