Guys~ what can a girl do to make you happy and what makes a girl 'the one' ?

So I was wondering how girls can please you guys the best. In a romantic way. What actions and attitude would make you never want to leave her?
And also, whats your definition of , the one, ? How does your ideal women is like? (Only personality)


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  • Have sex with me, after sex feed me a sandwich, then go away.

    In all seriousness I like a frank, ambitious, open minded, loyal girl.


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  • Well, someone who is willing to accept me with all faults and never leave me alone when I'm done, is a done deal. While a sexual relationship is important too, mental is far far more important. There ins't an ideal woman to me because I stopped caring for looks a long time ago and figured that a caring personality is what really matters. Sure a strong one is nice but it's always nice to have someone to tell it'll be ok every now and then.

  • To me the idea of "The One" is just silly. Other than being kind, caring, hard-working, thrifty, having a passion to learn, and progressive, a symbiotic personality is important.

  • the girl whos always there for me and would never betray me.


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