Boyfriend going on a booze cruise by himself?

Should i be worried? I don't trust anyone 100% thats just the way i am

booze cruise is a cruise where there is free alcohol


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  • whats a 'booze cruise'

    • free alcohol on a cruise

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    • Of course there's going to be girls there... How would he drive if he's on a damn boat?

    • 1. cruise can be interpreted as 'driving around in a car'
      2. 'alone' can be interpreted as all by himself. no one else at all.

      Anyways, why won't he take you with him?


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  • That has never come up in my inventory of what people do. I'd suspect he's trying to get away from something, physically and mentally.

  • He didn't want to have someone nagging him about drinking too much.

  • Depends. Why did he decide to go by himself?

    • he went on a trip overseas alone for fun and now he's going on a booze cruise

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    • he's already on a trip overseas because i didn't wanna go (couldn't afford/school). he's been drunk the entire trip and now he tells me he's going on a booze cruise

    • Damn, your mans must really like to drink. Honestly, this is too little information to go off of but if he's been with you a long time and he treats you well, I wouldn't say you have to worry too much. You know him better than we do. If you think you can trust him, you should give him the benefit of the doubt.

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