Why can't I seem to find a girlfriend?

Im gettin depressed because i can't find a girl that likes me or that the attraction in mutual... may i have some advice please.


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  • in most relationships sadly their is always one that chases and one that settles, not greatly but ever so slightly... you just gotta decide which you'd rather be, of course id also say that rarely it can be mutual ya just gotta wait for the right girl to come into your life... if your getting depressed try focusing on something else in your life, career, hobbies, friends etc, no one likes someone that's desperate lol, can't rush things like that man, usually its when you stop looking, that someone wanders into your life, n ya never know, that person could be perfect for ya... just going by my experiences anyway :)


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  • I'd guess you're not trying hard enough and not putting yourself in a position of vulnerability.

    But I don't know you so I'm as likely to be wrong about this as I am right.

  • You look ok. Are you short or say stupid shit?

    • im 5'8 and no i dont say stupid shit im really funny i have a good sense of humor