How did my "date" go? Good or BAD? I can't tell

okay. We both sign up for a cooking class together and she comes along. Good. so we go through the class and we enjoy ourselves and we occasionally rub elbows as we go about it, and there is always static between us. So it ends and we are about to all go out to dinner (all of us) But she then... Show More

i don't really go out on dates because I am quite shy around girls here. I am the only guy on my team who has never had a girlfriend and when I go out with a girl it becomes like NEWS FLASH to the guys and they all try and give me advice and stuff.. an

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  • hold up. just because not all girls don't want to make out after a first date doesn't mean that it wasn't a good time. it just means she's a quality girl, plus how do you feel the date went? it seems like it was just what ever, are you used to more spectacular dates or more interesting people? I definitely think she's interested in you. or she was acting like it! she's kind of mean to you but also flirty I wouldn't worry so much but for your sake I think you need to have more fun on your dates that keep you both interested, for the first one anyways, if she does call, it doesn't mean the date went amazing but it does mean she likes you

    • I think the date went spectacular... if it is a "date". I get told constantly that it's not a date because I didn't get laid, I think it's lame... but if you keep hearing this you kinda doubt yourself. No I think she's interesting and I think our conversations and the static thing WAS TOTALLY COOL like it shoulda been in a movie or something, and tha'ts our moment. We are supposed to meet again to go out at some stage, I haven't called, but she did say she's cool wth meeting again. so that's good right?

    • Awh :) yes that's really good!