Still active with online dating?

This might sound weird, and the fact I think I'm being weird says it all. We've been dating / hanging out for about two weeks... we met online and see each other most nights, staying at each others. We're already having sex, and really comfortable and at ease with one another, personal items left at each others. But how long do you stay in the world of online dating? Do you have to have a conversation about it to discuss removing profiles? I really don't know?


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  • Being things seem to be going along fine, if Things get any Better then Discuss 'Removing profiles' and become Exclusive, maybe down the Line----Official.
    I have been in the online dating world for 4 years now. A man from Egypt found me a few years ago on FB and I traveled over to him, later tying the knot. Our marriage was shaky, on and off, and I had even Returned to 'Online,' with dating others, on and off, and even now, for we are currently separated, I have a friend out in India, who I keep in touch with.
    Whether things stay sweet, or even go sour, it's entirely up to you if you want to 'Return' for More action online or try another Route, like a 'date mate' relationship on the------Outside.
    Good luck, glad it's panning out for you so far. xx


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  • When you guys are ready to be exclusive then I think you should talk about it. It's only been two weeks! Enjoy the time you're spending with them.


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  • It's only been two weeks. Maybe after a couple of months when you're looking to be exclusive, you can bring up dating profiles.