How do I get out of this?

Was suppose to meet up with a guy I've been seeing for nearly a year but he canceled today and didn't give me a explanation. But I got annoyed and we got into an argument he then said the reason he can't make it is because he's skint !! He has no money because he didn't get his works expenses through and didbt want to tell me because he felt embarrassed ! He said he struggles with money and feels like a tramp because he can't afford new clothes etc I don't know how to react to this :( ? I said done mean things then he tells me this , what do I do? I was so mean I can be horrible he asked me to forgive him and he's sorry and did I mean them things I said? He said to forget the argument. Why is he so nice? I hate myself

He lives 200 miles away it's just the money for fuel stopping him


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  • You guys can do cheap/free stuff. No. If deal

    • No Big deal, sorry

    • Thank you :) he lives 200 miles so it's the fuel costs I did want to see him aswell :(


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  • just apologize sincerely and tell him you didn't mean it and do what you gotta do. he should understand.


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  • if you've got any money, offer to pay for fuel sometimes, instead of making him feel shit for being broken.