How do you know if you like someone?

If you like someone or if you only like them because they like you?


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  • It depends on if you were thinking about the person before you found out if they liked you. Also, think about if they didn't initiate communication, would you?


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  • I've tought that too it's weird that people do that. But I've done that on many occasions, and ended u really liking someone because of it.


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  • Simple but complex question at the same time, I constantly find myself revisiting this question. I usually break it down;
    A.) Physical attraction - Do I find this person physically appealing?
    B.) Emotional Attraction - Do I connect with this person and could I become friends with them easily?

    But then again I do feel "reciprocity" is important. I don't think that just because a girl or guy likes someone that that means you feel the same way. Its necessary for a relationship to come about but just because someone likes another doesn't mean that you like them back equally. Sure if someone says they like me then I feel positive about them but it doesn't mean they'll be my friend for sure, it all depends on how things play out.