How to handle jealousy with a traveling SO?

My boyfriend is traveling back to his country of Brazil for a few weeks on a work trip. He likes to go out so the weekends make me nervous. He is working in his ex-girlfriend's city for a week, and i'm worried because he had a difficult time moving on from her. I already asked him if he would see her and he laughed, responding "she doesn't want to see me." I still have a nervous feeling that he lied about it. To make matters worse, the ex added his mother on FB this week when she attended his cousin's wedding (they are friends).

Also, he has 2 phones (his Brazil one and his American one). His American one dies and when he is out (like tonight) he doesn't bother charging it. I feel like he is so happy doing whatever it is that I don't know about, that he doesn't care what i'm doing!

I'm trying to relax and tell myself that i'm over-analyzing everything. He really enjoys seeing his guy friends, but my jealousy/intuition is saying "girls, girls, girls!" Anyone have any experience with these situations that can give me advice or insight?


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  • Que sera, sera. Worrying won't help the situation, so focus on yourself and don't worry about what he's up to.


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  • You need to have an inner life. Does anything give you joy? Anything at all?
    Get a hobby. Something you do all by yourself that makes you feel happy and uses your creative abilities.


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  • My boyfriend is currently in New Zealand on a ski trip with his mates. They party and get rowdy, so I'm kinda in the same boat.

    I'm not really jealous or nervous because I don't have a reason to be. I don't question his loyalty to me. The only thing I struggle with is being patient and waiting until he has time to talk to me. Sometimes we only send 1-2 texts a day, if that.

    I think you just need to be patient and let him enjoy himself. Distract yourself and he will be back soon.