Why do guys like girls like these soo much?


she had loads of surgery, of course many other celebs had surgeries too but hers is very dramatic though...

guys always claim that they dont prefer implants, surgeries or fake girls etc etc and yet they are still crazy for her...

what actualy bothers me is that my ex left me for a girl just like her and its been extremly hard to accept, its been weeks and i can't seem to get over it, sad on my part and pitty too...

and yes i know she is only a celeberty and all maybe i got too much of her in my head, i can't stop thinking about her, its sad and petty i know


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  • Guys claim to like "natural" girls so they can attempt to "woo" whoever they are talking to for the moment. They then go jerk off to these plastic girls by themselves in their rooms when no one is looking. Plus many guys can think a girl is "natural" because they see so many girls like this in the media and don't realize how many hours it could take before they go public. I can only imagine how many guys are "disappointed" by the looks of a real human woman after being brainwashed by the media. Having hooked up with girls I can clearly see how many of them hide their imperfections underneath clothing and I have gotten better at spotting it myself.

    A lot of guys can easily consider my "standards" in looks to be "low" because I like real human women. But I don't give a damn. The guys who chase these girls who put hours of time into their looks can have them all they want. They're not for me. I'd rather not kiss a girl who has ridiculous lipstick on and could potentially turn my face into a clown coming in contact with her.


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  • Oh, she actually had a plastic surgery? Hmm... I always knew she was all caked up with the studio's stuff as is usual with actors, but I didn't know her face was reassigned.

    I'm guessing they like her because she basically went from good-looking to good-looking, while also they are oblivious to the fact that she was surgically altered - I didn't know that either.

    • im suprised you didn't know that she had work done lol but she wasn't good looking before sugery matter of face she looks better after surgery,.. just my thot but then again i think surgery can be poor on what they count beauty on

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    • I doubt it's necessary, someone already most likely finds you attractive.

    • that nice to know thanks and thanks for your options and have a good day :)

  • She is still a 9/10 which is rare


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  • attractive girls? yeah I have no idea why a guy would want a girl who would put a lot of effort into their looks...

  • Probably because she is a sex icon

    • im aware and good point but iv seen other sex icons who didn't change there look so drumaticaly/

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    • yeah thats true the way she carries herself...

    • Yeah personally I don't see the hype - there are others much prettier and sexier than her

  • Who cares about what guys want. There's millions of guys in this word who like different things.
    If he wants to date a girl who gets surgery.
    Then kudos to him. We all have our own lifes to live how we want.