Why so many fat nasty people on mocospace?

I was looking at the site mocospace. I completely expected to see women of all types on the site. But, I was surprised to see so many huge fat nasty looking women on there. It was a total turn turn off. It's not like these were bigger professional women. Every profile seemed to be a 250+ pound woman, a skinny hooker looking woman usually with a weed reference, or a nice looking woman with a crazy title like "Eat's balls for lunch". What do you all know about the site? I didn't look at the guys but ladies it is it the same. Maybe a bunch of toothless rednecks or all the guys have gold teeth.


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  • hey, I recently gained weight so fat women need love too...

    Anyway, while the saying may be true but damn 250+ pounds or maybe your over exaggerating and no I have never heard of this site before...

    • I like thick women... just not belly beats boobs women.

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    • wow, I am just losing faith in society as I go along... ok, no one is meant to be alone - your only alone if you are picky as hell

    • I thought I would help you get your faith back a little. You win a new car!!! Oops wrong show, you do win most MHO award though!


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  • Dear OldDinosaur,
    Most of these people are real, they are looking for a relationship after being shut down with other people online dating is their only choice. These beautiful woman you will find are usually fake and using other peoples identities, the real beautiful woman are these people you call "nasty"if you want a long relationship go out there and explore the world!


    • I agree...

    • Yeah I wasn't looking for knockouts and perfect 10's. I thought it would represent the real world I see everyday which is normal, hot and not attractive. Normal seemed like it didn't exist.

    • Which is why there is a world honey

  • No one is forcing you to look at the site.

  • I've never heard of that site but if it's as unattractive as you say, then find another site?


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  • Mocospace has really went downhill. There used to be plenty of attractive females on the site, but nowadays only the fatties, losers, and trolls remain. The whole mobile web fad ran it's course, now we can get the full web on our mobile devices. So why would attractive girls hang around a site like mocospace?