Blackpeoplemeet dating?

I met this guy on blackpeoplemeet two weeks ago, we kik and talked on the phone and face time , we both recently got out of an long relationship about two months ago. I only saw him 2 times and were both open minded people I feel really comfortable with him with every thing , a very chilled guy. Here's the bad part am still a virgin I don't want to lose it to him but it's tempting the second time I saw him we were naked did other stuff but not sex. My best friend thinks we're going to fast and already said were not going to be together for long basically "he's just a rebound to me" she stated. But she not dating him, I am and I really like him a lot. I really don't know if am blind by the whole thing. Are we going to fast? Is he really a rebound?


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  • I have to say Yes this sounds like a rebound to me... the speed sounds like a fling rather than building a substantial relationship.

  • In my opinion you two are moving too fast. Just slow down a bit, there's no need to rush. If he's interested in you as a person he'll be willing to wait.


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