I have a crush and dont know what to do?

I have the biggest crush in this guy, he is in grade 12 and i am in grade 10. He is leaving school soon and i want to get to know him. I've seen him look and me a couple of times but i dont know whether he likes me or not but i have so much list for him what should i do?


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  • Going out with a 12th grader being a 10th grader is pretty demanding but if you want to get him them you need to make the initiative. Find a way to start talking with him, if your really shy then maybe start by talking online, and find a reason to message him, but if you really wanna do the last resort option then start by saying like hey and if he asks you what's up then says nothing much I'm just bored and then get the conversation flowing, good luck :)

    • I've talked to him online, he is only 1 year older then me but thank you


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  • Talk to the guy! Get to know him. If he likes you, he'll reciprocate the feelings, and if he doesn't, he won't reciprocate them. Hope it works out!

    • But thats the thing im to scared to talk to him!

    • I live by the words of "20 seconds of courage". Build up enough courage to talk to him for 20 seconds. Once you start talking to him, it'll be fine from there. It's the initial part that may be scary, after that you'll be good. Build up 20 seconds of courage.

  • Well you are going to have to make the first move cause he probably knows nothing about and your social life


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  • Do you know his name? You could try searching him on Facebook

    • I have him on facebook, I've talked to him once on Facebook but i want to talk to him in person im just too scared because i think he will judge me

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    • We talked for about 4 hours and it ddnt get awkward and i have a fear that he will reject me in person

    • Don't be negative, speaking hi doesn't mean that you are confessing to him haha.
      Building up friendship first!